Lake Garda

Bardolino is a picturesque village on the eastern shore of Lake Garda, about 30 km from Verona.

Located at the foot of the Morainic Hills, Bardolino is celebrated for the production of oil and wine, and is the favorite destination for those seeking a little peace and relaxation.

In addition, Bardolino is located a short distance from all the amusement parks in the area: in less than half an hour you will reach Gardaland, Movieland or Caneva Acquapark: fun is guaranteed for anyone!

Come and discover the best things to do in Bardolino, Lake Garda!

Bardolino, Lake Garda, Italy

Discover Bardolino

A few tips for your stay in Bardolino
The town center
The town center

A walk through the centuries

Amusement parks
Amusement Parks

A day of family fun

Local delicacies
Local delicacies

The perfume of oil and Bardolino wine

Cycling in Bardolino
Cycling in Bardolino

Paths in the midst of nature

Boat trips & Beaches
Boat tours & Beaches

Sit back, relax and enjoy the view!

Map of Bardolino

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THE TOWN CENTER | A walk through the centuries

Bardolino, Lake Garda, Italy
Town center of Bardolino

The attractions of Bardolino reveal the charm of the cultures that have inhabited this territory: as you enter the city, you will find yourself in front of the vestiges of the walls of the citadel, built in the twelfth century by the Della Scala family, lords of Verona. 

You can access the city through two gates: the gate of San Giovanni, to the north, and that of Verona, to the south. Once here, you will notice the particular “herringbone” structure of the village, typical of fishing villages, where the streets develop perpendicular to the coast to easily take boats to shelter. 

Bardolino is also famous for its many churches: walking towards the hills behind Bardolino you will find San Zeno, from the Carolingian period, and San Severo, a masterpiece of Romanesque architecture located at the northern entrance of the city; this church was built in the twelfth century and is known above all for its beautiful frescoes.

Today the old town centre is teeming with bars, restaurants and small shops (that during summer are open until late), where you can taste the typical products of the area: take a walk in complete relaxation through the alleys, discovering the most lively soul of this coastal village.

If you are in Bardolino on Thursday morning, enjoy a tour of the outdoor market that takes place from early morning to about noon: you can buy many local products, or even just take a tour of the colorful stalls.

Bardolino, Italy | San Severo church
San Severo church

AMUSEMENT PARKS | A day of family fun

Gardaland, Lake Garda, Italy

Bardolino is located near all the major amusement parks in the Verona area: fun for young and old is guaranteed!

Gardaland is certainly the most famous and the biggest amusement park in Italy, with roller coasters, trains, 4D shows and an area dedicated to younger children. With all its attractions and the Gardaland Sea Life Aquarium area, it will satisfy the tastes of all family members, at any age. 

You can choose between different kind of attractions, fantasy, adventure or adrenaline, depending on what you’re looking for.

If you get hungry between roller coasters, you’ll find a lot of restaurants, stalls, pizzerias and fast food stores inside the Park. 

Caneva Acquapark, Lake Garda, Italy
Caneva Acquapark

Gardaland is easily accessible, since it is located a short distance from the A4 motorway exit of Peschiera del Garda and is connected to the main centers by shuttle bus. See the complete calendar for the opening hours of Gardaland and Gardaland Sea Life Aquarium.

In addition to Gardaland, near Bardolino you will also find Movieland, the Hollywood theme park with actors, stuntmen and pilots, where you can see Cinema turning into a 3D adventure and you can try Pangea, the first attraction where you are the driver! 

Near Movieland, you will find Caneva Acquapark, with its water slides and pools, perfect if you happen to visit in the summer. Take a look at our guides to the amusement parks of Lake Garda!

The best experiences around Bardolino

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LOCAL DELICACIES | The perfume of oil and Bardolino wine

Bardolino is popular for its tasty varieties of wine and oil

The Bardolino is a red wine produced in the south-east of Lake Garda and recognized as a PDO certification mark, perfect to accompany meat, pasta but especially tasty cheeses.

You can visit the many wineries in the area and take part in a tasting tour, to better appreciate this local specialty.

Bardolino also hosts several events dedicated to wine: Festa del Chiaretto in May, Festa dell’Uva in October and Festa del Novello in November. 

A typical vine row
A typical vine row

Lake Garda is also known for its vast production of “Olio del Garda” (Garda Olive Oil), another typical product recognized by the prestigious certification “PDO”, with a delicate and slightly fruity taste

Bardolino has dedicated the Olive Oil Museum to Garda oil, located in Cisano.

The museum explains the tradition of oil production in the Garda area and has audio guides in English and Dutch.

Adjacent to the museum is also the outlet, where you can buy Garda oil at affordable prices. If you prefer, many other farms offer tasting tours of this extraordinary oil.

CYCLING IN BARDOLINO | Paths in the midst of nature

Lake Garda bike trails
A bike trail by the lake

The area of Lake Garda, as well as for its food and wine specialties, is also known for the many bike paths that run along the Benaco (the ancient name of the lake).

Among these, one of the most beautiful is the cycle path that connects Lazise, Bardolino and Garda, for a total of about 13 km.

It is a path surrounded by nature, which winds through the reed beds, perfect for meeting ducks, swans and mallards that populate the lake; along the way you will also find many places to eat for a short break during the walk. 

The ideal time to appreciate this route is certainly the sunset, when the water of the lake reflects the last rays of the sun, giving a magical atmosphere and a picture-postcard view!

If you want to make a longer and more demanding tour, take a complete tour of Lake Garda for a total of about 160 km, including cycle paths and roads: in summer you can stop in one of the many beaches with crystal clear water for a regenerating bath. 

Discover all the bike and e-bike routes you can do on Lake Garda!

Cycling on Lake Garda, Italy
Cycling on Lake Garda

BOAT TOURS & BEACHES | Sit back, relax and enjoy the view!

The coast of Bardolino also offers many possibilities for lovers of water sports and boat trips: you will find pedal boats for hire, the Nautical Center for sailing and renting boats, but you will also have the opportunity to make an excursion on the sailing ship San Nicolò

If you have time, enjoy a suggestive cruise on the lake with the ferries that cross it from Desenzano to Garda!

In this small village that overlooks the lake, you could certainly not miss the beaches! Here are the most famous ones.

From south to north, you will first find Cisano Beach (Lido di Cisano), made up of rocks and grass: this beach is also a beautiful picnic area, and there’s a parking lot nearby. Heading north, you will then find Mirabello Beach (Lido Mirabello), a private equipped beach, with a large parking lot; the beach is mainly of gravel and rocks and the water is immediately deep, so it is not really suitable for children.

If you are travelling with children, you can opt for the beach of Punta Cornicello, where there are also bars and restaurants: nearby you will find free parking, but also a playground for children. Near Punta Cornicello there is also “Holiday Beach”: this Lido perfect for those looking for fun and nightlife by the lake, with a restaurant open both for lunch and dinner, and often parties or theme nights. 

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