around Lake Garda

What better way to fully enjoy the landscapes and colors of Lake Garda than to cross it by boat? Here’s a list of the main options for planning your boat tour of Lake Garda!

Jump aboard a boat, relax and reach your favourite destination: Bardolino, Sirmione, Riva del Garda, Malcesine or another town.

Here’s an overview of the boat trips that you can do on Lake Garda!

around Lake Garda

If you just want to move from a town to another, public boat service could be the best option. 

Navigazione Laghi is the local company that provides boat tours to all the major locations on the Brescia side and on the Verona side of the lake.

Also, since the northern area of Lake Garda doesn’t allow to navigate by private motorboat, Navigazione Laghi is the only company that runs boat tours in this area.

Lake Garda public boat tours operates three main routes:

Lake Garda boat trips
Map of boat tours on Lake Garda

Routes and timetables

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Desenzano - Peschiera - Riva

This route is crossed by motorships, some of which allow the transport of bicycles and/or offer a bar service, and goes from Desenzano (south-west) to Peschiera, than up to Riva del Garda (on the northern shore of the Lake).

An unpleasant clarification: not all ships are equally equipped to transport disabled people, so we suggest you check on the website the route you are interested in, and if you have any questions please contact the office for travel facilities (+39 030 9149511). 

The entire crossing takes five hours on a regular boat, or two and a half hours on a fast boat (which however requires a surcharge on the ticket). 

Schedule & timetables

Desenzano - Peschiera - Riva (fast service is in red)

Remember to visit the official website of Navigazione Laghi for the most updated schedule and timetables.

Lake Garda boat trips

Maderno - Torri

This line is dedicated to the vehicle ferries, and crosses Garda Lake from Maderno (on the eastern shore) to Torri del Benaco (on the western shore), and vice-versa.

All ferries are equipped to transport disabled people and you can always take your bike with you. The rides are very frequent and last 25 mins

Schedule & timetables

Maderno - Torri del Benaco

Remember to visit the official website of Navigazione Laghi for the most updated schedule and timetables.

Limone - Malcesine

Also this line is dedicated to the vehicle ferries, which are all equipped to transport disabled people. Ferries depart every hour from 8.10 am to 6.10 pm and make three stops, Limone Traghetto, Malcesine Centrale and Malcesine Traghetto. 

Remember that you can’t embark / disembark your vehicle in the stop of Malcesine Centrale

Schedule & timetables

• Limone - Malcesine (only available in summer)

Remember to visit the official website of Navigazione Laghi for the most updated schedule and timetables.

Tickets and fares

The price of your ticket depends on the route you choose and whether you are transporting a bike or a vehicle.

Here is a general overview of the costs of the public boat trips on Lake Garda, but for all the options and the most updated information we recommend you to consult the official website to check both passengers fares and vehicles fares.


  • One way ticket: € 3 – € 15.10, depending on the stretch
  • Daily Ticket (entire network): € 34.30
  • Daily Ticket (Upper Garda): € 20.50
  • Daily Ticket (Lower Garda): € 23.40
  • Discounted rates for seniors (> 65 yo): -20 %
  • Discounted rates for children and disabled people: -33 %
  • Extra for fast service: € 2 – € 5.40, depending on the stretch
Examples of fares
For example:
  • going from Sirmione to Riva del Garda costs € 13.70 for adults, €10.90 for senior citizens or groups and € 7.80 for children. If you choose the Fast Service Boat, there’s an extra of € 4.80 on every ticket.
  • going from Maderno to Torri del Benaco costs € 6.50 for adults, € 5.30 for senior citizens or groups and € 3.60 for children.
  • going from Limone to Malcesine costs € 9.80 for adults, € 8.20 for senior citizens or groups and € 5.90 for children.


  • Bike: € 3 – 6, depending on the stretch
  • Car: € 9,50 – € 16 (depending on the length of the vehicle)
  • Motorbike: € 7.30 – € 10.70 (depending on the displacement)
  • Caravan: € 20.10 – € 21.30 (depending on the stretch)

around Lake Garda

During some special events, Navigazione Laghi organizes night cruises on Lake Garda with special routes dedicated to the event, sometimes with the possibility of dinner and open bar on board.

Check the news section of the website to find out if there are night cruises planned!

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