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Lazise is a picturesque town that overlooks the south-eastern shore of Lake Garda, on the Veronese side of the lake. It is well known for its charming landscapes and its important artistic and historical value, but also as a destination for those seeking a moment of relaxation and recreation on Lake Garda. 

Lazise hosts Villa dei Cedri, a suggestive thermal park with a wide offer of treatments and accommodations. Looking for fun and adventure? Lazise won’t disappoint you: the amusement parks Caneva Aquapark and Gardaland are just around the corner.

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Lazise, Italy | Town center

Discover Lazise

A few tips for your stay in Lazise
Lazise, Italy | The town center
The town center

The traces of a long history

Lazise, Italy | The Scaliger walls
The Scaliger Walls

A perfectly preserved piece of history

Lazise, Italy | The cycle path to Bardolino
Lazise - Bardolino cycle path

Strolling through nature

Boat trips & Beaches
Boat tours & Beaches

Sit back, relax and enjoy the view!

Map of Lazise

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THE TOWN CENTER | The traces of a long history

Lazise, Italy | The town center
The town center

Lazise has a very long history, as many other towns on the Lake, and shows traces of the passage of many different dominations. The most important was the one of Della Scala family, lords of Verona, who built (or re-built, according to some sources) the Castle and the walls that still protect Lazise.

Inside the Walls you will see the beautiful city center, with the picturesque Old Port and the Venetian Customs facing the lake, and with its magnificent churches. The most famous are the Church of Saint Nicolò, that is located next to the Old Port and was built in the 12th century in Romanesque style, and the Church of Saints Zenone and Martino – a little further east from the first one – that was built in the 18th century on a previous medieval church. 

At a short distance from the town center, in the hamlet of Colà, you can find the beautiful Villa dei Cedri, a natural SPA surrounded by greenery: the perfect opportunity to relax in an evocative setting. 

If you happen to be in Lazise on a wednesday morning, take a walk through the city center where the local market takes place: it usually lasts from the early morning to noon, and it’s a good opportunity to buy local products, such as wine, olive oil and cheese. 

Lazise, Italy | The Venetian customs
The Venetian customs

THE SCALIGER WALLS | A perfectly preserved piece of history

Lazise, Italy | The walls, San Zeno gate
The walls, San Zeno gate


The Scaliger Walls are the walls that surround the town of Lazise, and include the beautiful medieval Castle of Lazise. The name is due to the noble family Della Scala, lords of Verona, who ruled on the eastern shore of the lake during the 14th century.

Lazise, Italy | The castle
The castle

The walls are very well preserved and three gates are still accessible: Cansignorio (to the north), San Zeno (to the east), and Liòn (to the south). The Castle is now a private residence, but the Walls offer a beautiful view on Lazise and the lake. The walk on the Walls is free and lasts about one hour.

The best experiences around Lazise

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LAZISE - BARDOLINO CYCLE PATH | Strolling through nature

In addition to its local delicacies, the area of Lake Garda is known for the many bike trails that surround the Benaco (the ancient name of the lake). 

One of the most beautiful traits is the cycle path that connects Lazise – Bardolino – Garda, for a total of about 13 km (8 miles). It is a track surrounded by nature and greenery that goes through the reed beds, perfect for meeting swans, ducks and mallards that populate the lake.

If you feel hungry or thirsty, along the way you will also find many kiosks.

The ideal time to appreciate this route is certainly the sunset, when the water of the lake reflects the last rays of the sun: the enchanting atmosphere and the picture-postcard view are perfect to take photos and have a memory of your stay on Lake Garda!

If you like “bike tourism”, you’ll be happy to hear that there are plenty of cycle paths you can take on Lake Garda: whether you like outings along the lake or more challenging routes, the Lake and the surrounding mountains will satisfy you. Check out the best cycle paths on Lake Garda!

BOAT TOURS & BEACHES | Sit back, relax and enjoy the view!

Lazise is served by the local public transportation service, that includes ferry boats: for example, you can take a trip to Sirmione without worrying about driving and parking, and make a truly impressive entrance.

If you prefer, you can also rent a boat or have a private tour with one of the companies in Lazise, (for example Summertime Boats Rent or Garda Charter).

Given the vastness of its territory, Lazise is rich in beaches. The most beautiful are the equipped beaches Spiaggia delle Rose and Spiaggia La Bosca. There are also two free beaches, called “La Marra – Pra’ del Principe” and “Cavazzocca”. 

Whether you decide to take a boat trip or a dip in the lake, we are sure that the crystal clear blue water of Lake Garda will win you over! 

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