Lazise, Lake Garda

Have you ever wanted to live in a movie? You can do it at Movieland, the Hollywood theme park inspired by American Universal Studios. Alongside Caneva Aquapark, Movieland is one of two Amusement Parks of CanevaWorld, a huge complex that includes also two restaurants and a disco.

Canevaworld is located in Lazise, precisely in the hamlet of Pacengo, about a half hour’s drive from Verona. Lazise is easily reachable from all nearby towns, such as Peschiera del Garda, Bardolino, Desenzano, thanks to the national roads that connect the entire Lake Garda.

If you want to experience all the magic of Hollywood, including actors, stuntmen and many attractions and adventures, Movieland is the right place: fun is guaranteed for children and grown-ups!

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KEY FEATURES of Movieland

Here is a list of Movieland’s main attractions (click here to see the map of the Park), each inspired by a different movie: depending on the level of difficulty they are divided into family, adventure or action. Please remember that some attractions require a minimum height to be used: check the list below!

First level: Family

  • Pangea: take a jeep ride on rough terrains through a jungle inhabited by animatronic dinosaurs. An attraction where you are the driver, clearly inspired by Jurassic Park. Minimum height: 120 cm. Children must be accompanied. 
  • Bandido, The magic ride: cinema turns into a magic 3D adventure with water effects! An eventful journey in the wild west with an unlucky sheriff and his trusty steed, who will come face to face with a ruthless bank robber. Minimum height: 120 cm. Children under 120 cm must be accompanied. 
  • Kitt MiniJet: a unique attraction where the children will pilot the boats along a path inside a grand canyon style movie set. Minimum height: 100 cm. Children under 100 cm must be accompanied.
  • FortLive: play the video game of the moment in real life! A Fortnite-inspired adventure is waiting for you. Minimum height: 120 cm. Children must be accompanied. 
  • Fantasmik: it’s a walking horror trail designed for children. To you parents, if you don’t feel like entering, in the meantime you can enjoy a good coffee. Minimum height: 100 cm. 
  • Cooter’s Rodeo: this attraction will let the younger guests experience the thrill of a real “Rodeo”, but in a child-friendly size. Minimum height: 100 cm. Children must be accompanied.
  • Route 66: this attraction consists in an automotive circuit, that recalls the famous Route 66. Small two-seater cars equipped with a real combustion engine! 
  • Back to the Backstage: do you want to take a look on the backstage of Movieland? Inspired by “Back to the Future”, this attraction is a panoramic monorail, discovering the backstage of the Park. Minimum height: 100 cm. Children under 100 cm must be accompanied.

Second level: Adventure

  • Magma 2.1: this attraction offers a unique ride, an adventure for the whole family on board of unstoppable 6-wheel drive MAN KAT 1 trucks, that will face a steep path up to the geothermal power plant, including sudden earthquakes, waterfalls and bridges. Minimum height: 120 cm. Children under 120 cm must be accompanied. 
  • Kitt SuperJet: 600 horses, 2 powerful water jets, and up to 15 stuntmen are waiting for you on a jet-boat adventure. Adrenaline is guaranteed! Minimum height: 120 cm. Children must be accompanied. 
  • Android 3D: it’s an ultra-immersive, next generation thrill ride that blurs the line between fiction and reality. Get ready for the ultimate battle! Minimum height: 120 cm. Children must be accompanied. 
  • U-571 Submarine Simulator: inspired by the movie “U-571”, the attraction simulates the sinking of a German submarine in World War II. To escape a sudden and heavy air attack you will need to get on board and face the deepest seas. Prepare to get wet! Minimum height: 120 cm. Children must be accompanied. 

Third level: Action

  • The horror house: walk through the pure horror, inspired by movies like the exorcist and deep red. 
  • Diabolik Invertigo: live an adrenaline-fuelled adventure with Diabolik and Eva Kant, on board this unique roller coaster. Minimum height: 140 cm. Children must be accompanied. 
  • Hollywood Action Tower: test your courage by defying gravity while falling from 50 meters. Minimum height: 120 cm. Children must be accompanied. 
  • TR-Machine: this attraction, inspired by Tomb Raider, will make you face five acrobatic missions. Minimum height: 140 cm. 

Canevaworld | How to complete a fun day

As mentioned, Movieland is part of CanevaWorld, a large complex that includes Caneva Aquapark but also “Medieval Times“, the area of the park dedicated to the knights and their adventures: you can dine and enjoy a show for the whole family, and you can cheer for your knights at the tournament! 

If you get hungry, you can have a real american meal ath the Rock Star Restaurant, that offers American cuisine in a fifties style setting. Finally, If you decide to stay in the evening, you can go to the disco “Night Festival“, but remember that it is only open in July and August.

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Movieland is open in summer, and on some special occasions (such as Halloween) also in autumn.
It’s usually open from 10 am to 6 pm, but in August it remains open until 11 pm. Since times may vary depending on periods or special events organized, we recommend that you consult the calendar on the official website.

The standard ticket is €26, but many offers are available for children, groups, students, or for multiple entries, especially if you book your tickets in advance.

Check the offers on the official website of Movieland Park!

Address: Via Fossalta 58, Lazise (BS)
Phone: +39 045 6969900


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HOW TO GET to Movieland

Movieland is very close to Desenzano del Garda, a fundamental junction if you arrive by train or car, and free shuttles are available from Peschiera station to the park. 

By car

From the A4 Milan-Venice highway, take the Peschiera del Garda exit and from there follow the signs for Caneva Aquapark-Movieland (about 5 km – 3 miles). From the A22 Modena-Brennero highwayway, take the Affi exit and from there follow the signs for Caneva Aquapark-Movieland. 

By train

Throughout the season, a free shuttle bus service round trip from Peschiera del Garda Railway and Bus Station to the CanevaWorld Resort Parks and Restaurants is available.

By plane

Verona and Montichiari airports are half an hour and 45 minutes away from Canevaworld respectively.

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